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 Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?

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Java with Sidearms

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PostSubject: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:30 pm

I believe so.

Paraphrasing here.
Do I actually need a drainage canal chase to tell the story? Of course not, the truck could have just driven down a ramp to get into the canal instead but it wouldn't have been a great moment.
A ramp is how the canal chase starts in Adam 12. (And of coarse how the film crews get in there.)


Ep O' Brien's Stand-"or...I'll be back." Reed says to Malloy (about O'Brien), "What if we come back from watch tonight and she's actually commin' through the door?" Combine that with Ep Training Wheels that shows the car crashing through glass double doors. You get that classic Terminator scene.

Malloy to O'Brien, "Who are you gonna get to take out the trash." The T-1000 takes out the trash (i.e. the security guard) at Pescadero. Read the novel description.

Malloy to Mac about O'Brien, "Somehow I don't see Mrs. O'Brien doing any knitting but in a knife fight she'd be spectacular." The T-1000's stabbing weapons.

Malloy to O'Brien, "...made your point yesterday." She responds,"And today, tomorrow and as long as it takes." She's relentless and will not stop.

Also in this episode "Did you see the 6 O'clock news last night?" News reports in Terminator that Sarah sees.

I didn't realize at first that Clear with a Civilian I and II are the arrival scenes in Termiantor. Surprise there's more.

Clear with a Civilian Part I (Kyle's arrival scene inspiration.)

Reed and Malloy leave Biff's. Reed brings up that Malloy wanted to eat lite so why the pepperoni pizza. (That's Stokers.)
On patrol Reed sees a flashlight in the window.
This flash is the Time Displacement. It's bright, round kinda glows. It's beautiful.
Reed and Malloy investigate. Reed goes around back to check things. One of them being a door. All is well.
(That would be the door Kyle breaks through to go into the department store.)
Later Reed wants to go back and take a second look. Now they see a flashlight in the store. Reed was right. He goes around back. The burglar is descending a ladder. (This would be Reese coming out of the department store only down the fire escape.)
On patrol Reed suggests Mac wants them to take the P-wagon and go bust the druks on Pico. (Tech Noir)
This is the episode that Reed chases the deaf kid that outruns him and pops up from behind a dumpster. (The kid would be Reese.)
Reed loses the kid and gets back into the patrol car. His uniform is covered in white powder. (The carbonized conductive jelly.)
He looks at Malloy who just rode around in the car, "..didn't skin your knuckles on the radio did you." Malloy asks," Who'd you run into **** Butkis?" Reed responds something about the kid should be a track star. (The kid was fast. Nydefer in the novel.)

Clear with a Civilian Part II (Kyle and Terminator's arrival.)

In the locker room another officer comments on Reeds uniform. It's ripped and has the white powder. Reed asks if he can borrow the other officer's jacket for the night. (This could be the punk scene, nothing clean right and the "borrowing" of the punk's jacket.)
Reed explains he chased a kid through every back yard and alley. (Stick with the alley and the store from Part I.)
On patrol with the commissioner they take a call. The commissioner says, "Let's go see the naked man."
The drunk naked man describes himself as having the perfect body, bronze god of rippling muscle a textbook example of the human physique, he's Apollo and lives on Mt. Olympus. (Only it's Burt Mustin so it's funny. However if you read the Terminator novel you get a similar description and Terminator descends from Mt Olympus. Arnold Schwarzenneger fits the description better.)
Another call with chains and knives. (The punks have chains and knives.)
Don't know if in the scripts the bum in the alley where Reese arrives is named but in the novel it's Benjamin Schantz. One of the guys on the call is called Benjamin (Benny).
There is another line "come down on you like a concrete wall. (So I wonder if that's why Terminator's car runs into a concrete wall.)
Back at the station Wells teases Reed. Heard there's a scecial on chalk at Sumner's Department Store. (The flashlight at the store is not in the store but in the alley. The store becomes a department store. Sumner arrives with Reese instead.)
On patrol they hear the radio report of the kid Reed chased who is now driving a stolen car and leading the police on a chase. Reed and Malloy are trying to get there because the other officers don't know the boy is deaf. Reed suggests they "try Pico." (Terminator listens to the chase on the radio and joins in.)
When they catch the kid since he can't hear the commissioner who knows one thing in sign language tells him he is loved. (We loved a life times worth.)
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Java with Sidearms

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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:32 pm

Episodes in movie sequence.

TERMINATOR-Martin Milner (Malloy)
Kyle Reese-Kent McCord (Reed)
Sarah Connor-Joy Bang (Susan)
Traxler-James McEachin (Lt Moore)
Vukovich- Jack Hogan (Detective Sgt. Miller)
Silberman-Larry Lindville (Hugh Brasher)

Pilgrimage-"...should be terminated."
Million Dollar Buff-Sumner's Dept. Store and Reese Dr. (Reese and Sumner arrive in alley)
Log 165 Once a Cop-Skid Row alley bum and 22 year old male caucasian (Benjamin Schantz and Kyle Reese,pants)
Clear with a Civilian I- Reed chases very fast kid who then pops out from behind dumpster (Reese chased by cop and pops out from between dumpsters)
The Tip-Reed gets shotgun out of cop car (so does Reese)
Routine Patrol-"stop at a phone booth and get a list out of the book." (terminator and Reese both do this.)
Credit Risk-James A. and James G Reed, a whole alphabet of them, computer mistake (Sarah Ann and Sarah Jeanette)
Impersonation-pawn shop robbery, "come back and blow your head off" (terminator a "man" of few words just does it at the Alamo)
Log 61-Biff's, cute waitresses, pie a la mode (Sarah as the waitress and the kid with ice cream)
Log 165 Once a Cop-Telephone Booth Massacre becomes Phone Book Killer
Log 33-The Press come to the Police Station
Princess and the Pig-the stuffed hound dog named Poncho becomes the Iguana named Pugsley (Sarah's apartment)
Log 16 Child in Danger-Sarah's shirt (Stoker's)
Harry Nobody and Keeping Tabs-up fire escape, shoots his man and back down again/Terminator (Malloy) goes out window onto fire escape
A Different Thing-(Terminator (Malloy) arrives at front of apartment complex
The Chaser-man that just came in has a gun, I saw it when he opened his coat (Tech Noir)
Log 62-.45, dark windbreaker, dangerous-are you sick are you injured
Vendetta-slave labor camps
Roll Call-Pico/Olympic
A Fool and His Money-front end collision of car looks like no driver
Log 93 Once a Junkie-a hallway that looks like one when Terminator uses on way to police station rather than fire escape (Panama)
Princess and the Pig-at the heart of Terminator there's a love story and Traxler (Lt Moore)
Log 33-Reed's interview with Det. Sgt. Miller and Reese's with Vukovich-ash tray on table
The Tip-Dr Silberman (Hugh Brasher) you only see him once, that's enough
Million Dollar Buff-"Can't take that many hits without some kinda flak vest" (Traxler explains to Sarah)
A Fool and His Money-weekend in the mountains with my kids (Big Bear, Connor family cabin)
O'Brien's Stand-"or...I'll be back."
Ttraining Wheels-car crashes through glass double doors
Ambush-Reed in cuffs takes out bad guy (Reese knocks out cop while still in cuffs and gets keys, interrogation room)
The Suprise-cops rush out into hallway
Foothill Division-lights out, hiding underneath table (found this in my notes, very scribbly, must go back a view)
Princess and the Pig-Reed takes Kathy's hand, they run , Reed gets shot (same with Reese and Sarah)
Log 74-station still in one piece (not anymore)
The Tip-Reed and Malloy confront robbers in sewer/storm drains(Sarah's dream of the future)
Suicide-there's always tomorrow, any guarantee they'll be a tomorrow, a suicidal man at a hotel, Reed and Malloy search for a pinto (Terminator novel it's a pinto, movie it's a Gremlin)
Hot Spell-fleabag motel (Tiki)
Killing Ground-Susan is given a revolver when her cohort leaves (Reese gives Sarah the revolver then goes for supplies)
Killing Ground-bus chases after Reed and Malloy, Reed is limping badly, they seperate (Same as Reese and Sarah after truck rollover)
Princess and the Pig-Kathy loaded into ambulance Reed comes along (Sarah loaded into ambulance but Reese is gone)

There is an episode where Reed basically eats a bunch of candy, at the end you see all the candy wrappers-in T1 novel Reese eats a lot of chocolate and I think the wrappers are everywhere
The Chaser-what are you hunting grizzly bears, no just a man (This is funny, f I remember correctly bears used to be hunted at Big Bear)
at an episode at the airport there are escalators like at the department store Reese runs through
This one is just strange.
Eyewitness-On the bulletin board in T1 there are flyers with Kevin Collins a boy that went missing, Reed and Malloy see a possible kidnap suspect and turn to pursue on Collins Street
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Java with Sidearms

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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:33 pm

TERMINATOR 2/T-1000-Martin Milner (Malloy)
Sarah Connor-Joy Bang (Susan)
Silberman-Larry Lindville (Hugh Brasher)
Enrique Salceda-Trini Lopez (several characters)
Introducing Lee H Montgomery as John Connor

Log 35 Easy Bare Rider and Citizens Arrest-darkened, deserted playground at night and "rocking horse"(4 horseman playground on fire)
Log 12-John's scar
Impersonation-patrol officer rather than a detective is impersonated (T-1000/Austin arrival)
Arson-2 trucks, the word electrical, Malloy crouched down and then stands up (Terminator arrival at The Corral)
Parole Violator-the core of John Connor, boy's Dad is KIA in Nam, you're finally home, hold me (Reese is described as having the same look as Nam vets)
Camp II-Meet John Connor, Greg (John) with his red haired friend
Camp I-Voight's House
If the Shoe Fits-bumper stickers, blow up a factory and pigs are bad (Sarah tried to blow up a computer factory)
Camp I-photo of delinquent boy
Pilot and Northeast Division-foreshadowing canal chase, Reed and Malloy pursue a boy on a souped up mini bike, lives with his aunt after parents died and has no friends
The Suprise-T-1000 down stairwell to parking garage at Galleria (Malloy same at police station)
Camp I and Northeast Division-T-1000(Malloy) chases John (Greg) on foot into the street add dirtbike
Pilot-canal chase, car "jump",vehicle fire, confluence
Hot Spell-Time out, stop the bike (alley similar look)
Camp II-Atascadero, I did go to that counselor you told me about
Princess and the Pig-people (machines) are trying to kill me, no one believes me (except Reed and Reese who both help Sarah and Kathy)
Log 101-stabbing weapons, Malloy with switchblade and Janelle
Camp II-John (Greg) talking thoughtfully with Terminator (Malloy) about childhood
Vendetta-can't go around killing people
Log 34 Astro-T-1000 (Malloy) and a coffee machine
The Ferret-locking door behind you during escape attempt (both The Ferret and Sarah (Pescadero) are successful and end up at their company of choice)
Million Dollar Buff and Log 152 A Dead Cop Can't Help Anyone-white trenchcoat=light and Terminator's (Malloy's) shot up black leather jacket
If the Shoe Fits-Terminator (Reed) stands vigil at window
Log 52 Handle with Care-latest model and not gonna make it am I (not gonna make it are we (Cactus Jack's)
Camp II-picnic table and Terminator (Malloy) and John(Greg) fix bronco and talk/walk and talk (Enrique's Compound)
Camp II-picnic table (Sarah sits at table rather than Malloy)
Citizens Arrest-rose bushes, swingset, rocking horse, Sarah's dream (rose bushes are also at the Voight's house and behind the smiling boy at Cactus Jack's)
Killing Ground-"shutup, shutup" both Susan and Sarah say shut up twice (Sarah at Dyson's house)
The Ferret-glass and "steel" facade, gleaming chrome column and reflective surface (CDYN building)
Log 26 L.e.m.r.a.s.-Pax Market 12144 Tamarac (2144 Kramer) (joke-Malloy asks where the lady learned that, she watches a lot of cop shows on TV)
Log 152 A Dead Cop Can't Help Anyone-gas grenade gun becomes M79 grenade launcher/blooper "try mine")
Skywatch II-searchlight (like HKs) shines on John at CDYN
Skywatch II-T-1000 (Malloy) in LAPD chopper
Arson-(Tanker Chase) Terminator (Reed) climbs onto truck cab
Clear with a Civilian I- white powder/dust on Reed's uniform (liquid nitrogen, hoarfrost?)
Con Artists-(Hand to Hand) T-1000 at factory, Malloy in "orange light" in a utilities basement
Bank Robbery and If the Show Fits-T-1000 (Malloy) thrown against wall (fireplace=steel mill?) and back to front morph (cut)

Safe job-little boy in black leather jacket has an Uncle Johnny, John has an Uncle Bob in a black leather jacket
Log 45 Bright Boy-Malloy uses hand finger gestures (T-1000 does too)
Camp I-We first see Greg (John ) at Bennett Machine Tool Company- "Miles Bennett Dyson"
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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:34 pm

In the Terminator novel there are a couple of references to VW bugs which I found funny. If you watch Adam 12 you'll see lots and lots of them. My favorite is the hunter green one (because it's like the one seen in the Bullit chase scene and in Dirty Harry.) It drives by Reed and Kathy in Princess and the Pig.

pg 38 Gajewski's Foreign Auto Repair on Wilshire
"Guaranteed to put the bite back in your bug."

pg 128 "Instantly, Terminator slewed the police cruiser around in the middle of the street, narrowly missing a red Volkswagen bug....." and it continues onto the next page.

TSCC-Sarah goofs around playing "Bug Slug" with John. (To the Lighthouse)

Sarah punches John in the shoulder
John "What the hell?"
Sarah "Bug slug."
John "Bug slug? Are you serious?"
Sarah "We just passed it."
John "We haven't played Bug Slug since I was like eight. And you can't just start playing without telling me."
Sarah Fine. We're playing Bug Slug.
John "What if I don't wanna play?"

Don't play Bug Slug if you binge watch Adam 12. You will have a sore arm.

Foothill Division-lights out, Wells describes being caught in the break room during a sniper attack on the police station something about trying to knock the light out and possibly taking cover under the break room tables (Terminator's attack "throwing the already-chaotic station into darkness" and Sarah hides under the desk.)
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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:35 pm

Skywatch I-Reed spots suspects in window while chopper hovers at 26th floor(At Cyberdyne chopper hovers at 3rd floor.)

Camp II-Malloy says something about a snake. Another scene there is a lady with a snake around her neck. (Siempre como culebra and the rattlesnake heads on Enrique's fence.)

Roll Call-thought there was a sign not unlike the Alamo sign next to Mario's Pizza but the scene was quick

GTA-shows a crane on tracks like the red one next to where Reese dreams of the future in his stolen car

Suicide-don't you care if he blows himself away (this is gonna blow'em all away-Dyson, she's gonna blow him away-John)
Malloy says he has a message for you from your wife. (John gives Reese a message for his Mom.)

Operation Action-Malloy is kidnapped in a Mercury station wagon. The kidnappers send a recording and some pictures in small plastic bags. (Sarah makes recordings for John and her picture is shown in plastic.) The kidnappers are also making what looks like molotov **** to blow up the police station. The female kidnapper brings a bucket of chicken for dinner. (What's for dinner? Sarah asks and gets the answer plastique but she doesn't get dinner.)

Ep Gus Corbin-a pawn shop, wooden gun rack and shotgun shells on the counter

Something Worth Dying For I-a narcotics detective named Big Bad John in an olive drab field jacket. (Eh, Big John-Enrique. The jacket is the wrong color and not punked out but still looks good.) Malloy gets shot. When he is loaded into the ambulance he tells Reed, When you come to see me don't bring flowers okay. (Terminator carries his gun in a box of long stemmed roses.)

Something Worth Dying For II-Reed and Malloy enter a building. It's full of mannequins. The torso area is grey on one of them.
(In T2 the T-1000 takes a second look at the silver mannequin. In the T1 novel Reese goes towards the plate glass window moving among the mannequins pg 25)

Hollywood Division-Java Unlimited and Ep Victims of the Crime-Malloy says, cream and sugar you get Java(Coffee)cream and sugar(with sidearms)

There is just way too much to be coincidence.
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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:36 pm

The Ferret--he also rides a scooter (Sarah does too.) Or rather he escapes on one while Reed is chasing him.

Paraphrasing from the book Making of Terminator 2 and asking questions.

James Cameron told Arnold about a sequel in 1985.
Didn't write with a preconceived notion of dong a sequel but all the seeds of the current story were there in the first script, in a way the sequel was born out of unused elements of the first story.

Question: If there was no preconceived notion of doing a sequel than why mention one to Arnold in 1985? If all the seeds of the current story were there in the first script and born out of unused elements wouldn't this indicate that there was always a sequel, always a continuation?

Working with Bill (Wisher)was a good way for me to get to the basic structure of the story very quickly. But Will Wisher was acting more as a sounding board than collaborator. He listened to his friends ideas for a sequel. Will says from the beginning Jim knew the story was something like a boy and his Terminator. 4 weeks Cameron and Wisher complete a 40 page treatment with no dialog yet every element of the story was in place. It was all there. Action scenes and specific shots.

Question: If your friend is a sounding board and from the beginning you knew every element of the story, it was in place, it was all there , ACTION SCENES and SPECIFIC SHOTS. It sounds like someone who knows EXACTLY what he already wants to do. If it was all already there the structure would come very quickly. (FYI-I'm not trying to diminish anyone's involvement of contribution to T and T2. Sounding boards are critical to the creative process.)

Important from the beginning that we do a true continuation of the story.

Question: Wouldn't a true continuation be all those unused elements of the first story containing all those action scenes and specific shots that are all there already?

In one of the earliest drafts of the original Terminator, I had actually incorporated a sort of liquid metal robot that could take any form but The Thing came out and that's the reason the idea was abandoned. But I never lost that image of a liquid metal endoskeleton.
Concept of the "shape-changer" as the ultimate infiltration unit first captured Cameron's imagination when he was in the earliest stages of writing the Terminator.

The central form of the cop.

Question: Didn't the central form of the cop actually come from Adam 12?

Jim had all the ideas in his head. Steve Burg
By the end he is always so sure of what he wants that he won't divert from the drawings one bit.

Question: If he won't divert from drawings one bit will he divert from visual feel one bit? No.

Bringing Jim in to make sure that we were correctly interpreting...

James Cameron must be a master communicator.

"Where did the idea come from?" (about the canal chase)
It's something I'd wanted to do for a long time.

Question: Why not answer the question directly? Would it give away the inspiration source, the canal chase in Adam 12?

We studied several films that featured the making of steel.

Question: Could "Heart of Steel" scored by Brad Fiedel be one of them?

Question: What if the whole story was always there? Something written with elements, action sequences and specific shots directly inspired by Adam 12?

I read that Mozart used recombined folk melodies.
In this case Adam 12 episodes are the folk melody, Terminator and Terminator 2 are the recombinations.
That makes James Cameron Mozart.
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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:37 pm

Ep Citizens Arrest-This was one of those episodes with rose bushes. It also had a swing set and one of those "rocking horse" toys for kids to sit on. The Elysian park playground dream sequence is surrounded by rose bushes.

Ep Parole Violator-a little boy is hit, he thinks Reed is his Father finally home from Vietnam, he asks Reed to hold him, Reed later mentions the boy gripping his hand on the way to the hospital.A heart wrenching scene especially when we find out his Father died in Vietnam and is not coming home.
(John needs his Father. When Sarah finally embraces him at Dyson's the T2 novel reads,"This was all John ever wanted. All he had lived for.")

Ep the Ferret-forgot to mention the interior of the building. The reception area has a gleaming chrome column and a highly polished mirror like desk top.

Ep Killing Ground-Susan (Joy Bang) is given a revolver before her cohort leaves to get another vehicle. Reese leaves his revolver with Sarah.

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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:38 pm

Log 62-Reed asks a woman, "Are you sick?" "Are you injured?" Similar to Reese asking Sarah.

Log 52 Handle with Care-Reed and Malloy are joking. Reed is the "latest model. Reed being a rookie says, "I'm not gonna make it am I?"
John says something similar in T2, "We're not gonna make it are we?"

Log 26 L.E.M.R.A.S.-Reed and Malloy answer a call at the PAX Market, the address is 12144 Tamarac. Take the first number off and get 2144.

Log (?) I.A.D.-Malloy says, "Out and down." In other episodes he says "out." Mostly of vehicles. T-1000 says, "Get out."

Log 165 Once a Cop-Reed and Malloy head to Skid Row. (Panama Hotel is in Skid Row T1).The get out to walk the beat. In the reflection of the window they see a wino stagger out of an alley across the street. The wino ends up on the ground. He's been stabbed.(Inspiration for Benjamin Schantz, the wino in the alley in T1?) They think the perp is Donahue who was once a cop. We find out later that Donahue didn't do it. It was a male caucasion, 22 years old. (Reese?) Reed and Malloy answer a call at Union Station where they see a young woman shooting up a phone booth. Malloy says,
Phone Booth Massacre. Donahue later ends up at the station yelling kill multiple times.

Phone Booth Massacre
Phone Book Killer

Massacre becomes killer from Donahue yelling kill multiple times.
Booth becomes Book from Reed saying, "stop at a phone booth and get a list out of the book." (From Ep Routine Patrol.)
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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:38 pm

Ep Killing Ground-Reed and Malloy are taken hostage. The woman, Susan yells at one of them, "Shutup, shutup!" Just like Sarah Connor in T2.
My opinion is that this character is the template for Sarah Connor. Susan is played by Joy (Wenner) Bang.
spectacularoptical.ca has an article about her, it's title is,"The Big Bang:The Too Short Career of Actress Joy Bang
The hair style and angular chin of both Joy Bang and Linda Hamilton caught my eye.

In the same episode, Reed has a leg injury so when Reed and Malloy make their escape Malloy has to help Reed similar to when Sarah is helping Kyle after they crash the black pickup truck and the diesel is chasing them. Both scenes take place at night. There is no diesel chasing Reed and Malloy but rather a bus. Headlights contrast well at night.

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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:39 pm

More on Joy Bang since learning about her from Adam 12.

Ms. Bang plays Toni in Messiah of Evil (a.k.a. Dead People) 1973 (Maybe that's why James Cameron seemed to love T5. John is made into an evil messiah. FYI-I've only watched the movie theatre scene and the corridor scene -Youtube.)

In this movie Toni (Ms Bang) goes to see a movie alone. (After Sarah's date cancels she also goes to see a movie alone.)

Though Ms Bang does not play the lead character she's worth mentioning.
Arletty (Marianna Hill) is the main character "diagnosed with psychosis, narrates from mental asylum" and "languishing in a mental asylum, recalling the harrowing events of the story and prophesying a near at hand doom." (This could be said of Sarah Connor.)

At about 1 hour and 28min into the movie almost at the end there is a corridor scene with a woman that appears to be wearing a dress. Inspiration for Sarah in her slip running down the corridor after Kyle?

Other characters:
Thom (Michael Greer) is a collector of legends. (Sarah Connor is referred to as a legend. Possibly the template for Matt in T1.)
Laura (Anitra Ford) template for Ginger?
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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:40 pm

Music inspiration for Terminator?

Ep Log 106 Post Time- Reed and Malloy pull over an armored vehicle (military not the kind the banks use) Malloy gets out and knocks on the side. The knock is a similar bom-bom bom-bom from the Terminator arrival scene (T1).

At the end of Adam 12 there is the Mark VII Limited hammer logo. (Anvil chorus inspiration).
You can see and hear the different logos on Youtube.
The History of Mark VII Limited Hammer Logos (by JohnnyL80)
About 30 seconds in it sounds a little Terminator.

Might also try listening to (on Youtube) Logo Evolution:Mark VII Limited (1951-1982)
by CoolCamGaming88 (Seemed to have better audio and more of it.)
about 1min 26 sec in. Just close your eyes and listen.
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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:42 pm

Pico and Sepulveda and several other Pico and (name of intersection) occur in various episodes though never Pico and Olympic.

Call answered at "315 W Cameron."

In the early episodes some of the officers eat at Biff's. The waitresses are cute there according to Malloy.
A waitress brought pie a la mode though the ice cream did not end up in her pocket.
(Biff's is a real restaurant though I think only two are still open. Weather it's Bob's Big Boy, Big John's or Biff's, Big Jeff's is just a combination.)

An episode where a man has a scar on the left side of his face from the outside corner of his eye all the way to the corner of his mouth. Though the makeup is not as good as the scar on John Connor's face in the opening of T2.

Reed asks, "Do you have a picture of this boy?"
T-1000, "Do you have a picture of John?"
In a different episode, Camp, mentioned already, they are also shown a picture of the delinquent boy. The boys mother mentions to Reed she is seeing a counselor. (Dr. Silberman? Smile hahahah)

Sumner's Department Store, mentioned in several different episodes. Not sure of spelling.
Reese is supposed to arrive with a Sumner though it's not shown in the movie and ends up evading cops in a department store.

Malloy has a roll over accident and is hurt badly around a Reese Drive. Not sure of spelling. (If I remember correctly he was headed towards Griffith Park.)
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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:44 pm

Apologies for the crappy quality of the pics.
I did not have a lot of time to spend on the project.

Go to Dropshots
Search for username StrawberryFox

Passcode may come up

Go to albums. Top left in blue.

Here are some comparison shots to check out.

The Chaser (for Terminator)

The Chaser 2 (for Terminator 2)

Please let me know if it doesn't work.
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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:46 pm

Above are posts from a Terminator forum I posted on. No one seemed interested so I figure maybe Adam 12 fans might be. Enjoy!
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PostSubject: Re: Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?   

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Did Adam 12 inspire Terminator and Terminator 2?
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» Sunderland’s Adam Johnson back in court.
» Texas Spirit 08/07 Coach Adam Clark
» HoopStars Canada Rankings - Class of 2009 to 2012

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